HOSTED BY JULIE SOUTH & inspired by james herriot

James Alfred Wight OBE FRCVS (1916 – 1995), better-known by his pen name James Herriot, was a British veterinary surgeon and writer – most famous for his series: All Creatures Great and Small
photo credit: University of Glasgow Library

If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans

James Herriot

Kia Ora – I’m Julie South – the host of Paws Claws and Wet Noses – the podcast celebrating all creatures great and small and the fantabulous professionals who look after them all.

I remember watching my first episode (a very looong time ago) of All Creatures Great and Small and being absolutely enthralled.

Sadly, as much as I would like to have been a veterinary professional, my brain just doesn’t think like it needs to. Science and me just don’t go together so I knew I’d never be a clinician of any sort!

Today – working for VetStaff – I get to hear the wonderful stories of what makes veterinarians and veterinary nurses follow their heart to look after animals.

Until I started in recruitment, I didn’t realise just how hard these men and women work.

Not only do they work long days (on their feet the entire time) but they put their hearts and souls into being the best nurses and doctors they can be for people’s fur babies and farm stock.

It was listening to their stories that I thought these need to be shared. They’re all different and they’re all the same: all veterinary professionals just loooove animals!

So that’s what Paws Claws and Wet Noses is all about:

It’s my dream that by listening to this podcast, you also appreciate the wonderful veterinary professionals who pour their hearts and souls into their work every day to heal the creatures who can’t heal themselves.

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Thanks for listening!

with smiles,

Julie x