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Transcript – ep 031 – Immigration New Zealand Accredited Employers – new requirement

This transcript has been auto-generated using sophisticated AI – but sometimes it doesn’t always pick up the kiwi accent. Sometimes it’s like a not-so-smart smartphone that auto-corrects. Julie South: 0:07 This is Julie […]

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Dr Vanessa Johnson
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012 – Dr Vanessa Johnson | imposter syndrome | handling stress | attitude journal | mental health

Vanessa believes having a great support network and forming good mental health habits is instrumental to success.

Today we’re going to learn of some of the good mental habits Vanessa has formed and the benefits she’s noticed from having them as part of her life. 

She shares what she does when she notices thoughts of Imposter Syndrome, negativity and the importance of keeping a Gratitude Journal as a part of her every day life.

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