Did you know there are questions you just can’t ask job-seekers and/or coworkers … your colleagues… at work …? 

I’m not talking being PC-on-steroids type subjects, I’m talking Privacy Act breaches – and that’s what this episode of Paws Claws Wet Noses is all about. 

If you’re tasked with hiring OR you’re a job-seeker who’s considering your next career move OR you’re someone, like me, who often has to open their mouth to change feet, then this episode is definitely for you.

If you’d like a copy of the questions it’s okay and not okay to ask for your reference, please email Julie and she’ll send them to you in PDF format.

Episode 13 – Reference Check Questions – okay and not okay

Questions that are okay and not okay to ask at a veterinary clinic job interview | NZ employment law

This lucky dip prize draw closes at midnight on Sunday 7th May 2021

IndieVets - Dr Steve Merchant - today's guest on Paws Claws & Wet Noses
Dr Steve Merchant of IndieVets

The VetPodcast

Dr Bryan Gregor’s podcast – The VetPodcast – profiled in this episode.


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