Part 1 of a two-part series with Dr Francesca Brown of Otago Polytechnicprofitable clinics and healthy staff – is it possible in New Zealand?

Dr Francesca Brown BVSc, BSc, NDAET, Cert Mata a Ao Maori, Grad Dip Sustainable Practice, is a veterinarian who graduated from Massey University’s class of ’98.  

After graduating and gaining experience in clinical practice Francesca moved to education and then into leadership in Allied Veterinary professional education, at both Otago Polytechnic, as the Head of the School of Veterinary Nursing and nationally as the Chair of the Educational Standards Committee for Allied Veterinary Professionals. 

Over her career Dr Francesca has seen first-hand and through her network of colleagues in the industry – both vets and allied veterinary professionals – the significant challenges personnel face.

Dr Francesca Brown,  BVSc, BSc, NDAET, Cert Mata a Ao Maori, Grad Dip Sustainable Practice

If you’re attending the combined Vet Nurse and Vet Conference this year in Christchurch – coming up in June 2021 – be sure to register for Dr Francesca’s presentation as part of the business track.  

Today – and next week – Dr Francesca shares her research findings from her recent study into whether it’s actually possible to have healthy staff and healthy bottom lines in New Zealand veterinary clinics.   

Listen as Dr Francesca shares how her research was different to the many papers and books already written on this subject.


Dr Francesca’s research

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