Vet Clinics and Veterinary Professionals – make sure you don’t get mistakenly and/or inadvertently caught out by these common urban employment law myths.

For example – “restraints of trade won’t stand up in a court of law” or “restraints of trade aren’t enforceable”

Lately I’ve seen a few vets and clinics get caught out by believing one of the many urban myths that surround employment law in NZ so today, we’re going to put 11 of them to bed so, hopefully, YOU don’t get caught out by them too.   

11 Employment Law Myths Debunked for Veterinarians and Veterinary Clinics

Employment law myths put to bed in this episode:

·       Written contracts – or lack thereof

·       Getting fired and how many warnings are required

·       References – what’s required / obligatory / nice to have

·       What an employer can and can’t deduct from an employee’s pay

·       What “authority” employers have over an employee’s social media account

·       How annual leave is calculated in relation to returning from parental leave

·       And restraints of trade – this one I hear just about every.single.week!

Remember – I’m not an employment lawyer – the small print in this episode is always consult with your trusted legal advisor because your situation will be unique.  If you don’t know who you can call, then I’m happy to point you in the direction of a few employer lawyers I know and trust.

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Reference checks – check out episode #13

The Small Business New Zealand Fact Sheet 2020 (published by MBIE)

Legislated High Risk Sectors or Industries (NZ Government Legislation website)

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