This is the first of three chats VetStaff’s Julie South has with Companion Animal Veterinarian of South Wairarapa Veterinary Services – Dr Jane Ough, BVSc.

New Zealand Veterinary Association Conference – Hamilton 2022 – Business Branch

I attended all the Business Branch sessions and learnt heaps.

NZVA 2022 Conference Pocket Programme

One of the ideas that came out of the end-of-the-day open mic sessions was that perhaps the Business Branch needs to be renamed.

One idea that came up was “leadership” – because that’s especially what this conference’s topics were all about.

I wonder also whether “veterinary people” might work. Or just “people”.

I think a lot of members think the “business” branch is all about financial spreadsheets but it’s not – it’s about the people side of veterinary science and sustainability … financial reporting is only a very small part of sustainability.

I enjoyed listening to the start up stories shared by clinic owners with some of their trials and tribulations of opening their own clinic’s doors.

There were quite a few sessions on leadership – of yourself and of others.

10Behaviours (dot com) & Dr David Keane

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VUW Seminar 3: Success is a choice

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How to register

NZVA members get a 20% discount, with the fee being $476+gst pp instead of $595 pp.

Information on this for NZVA members can be found on the events manager page of the NZVA members’ site.

If you’re not a NZVA member and you’re interested, then visit Victoria University’s “booking engine” page on their website which is at

Conservationist & Companion Animal Veterinarian Dr Jane Ough, BVSc

Dr Jane and I recorded this before the NZVA conference in Hamilton. 

If you went to conference and you visited the Sustaina Vet stand, you may have met Dr Dr Jane. 

Unfortunately, every time I visited the Sustaina Vet stand Dr Ough wasn’t there, so I wasn’t able to meet her in person.

Dr Jane Ough, BVSc


As you’ll hear, Dr Jane’s time and pathway as the veterinarian she is today is quite different from the usual career path of veterinarians. 

She’s from the BVSc Massey class of 1982.   Today, Dr Jane enjoys orthopaedic surgery especially mending broken farm dogs.

Dr Ough became concerned about climate change when her two daughters were children.   She gained a diploma in Environment and Sustainability when her children were little, through the Open Polytech in 2010.

Dr Jane is a passionate conservationist.   And I mean passionate!  She and her partner Jeremy have retired two thirds of their small farm in the Wairarapa and covenanted it with the Queen Elizabeth II Trust.

Working one day a week for QE2 for 2 years Dr Jane said improved her understanding of native forest regeneration.   She now spends this day a week on her own covenant, and, working with the local catchment group, helped set up and is helping South Wairarapa Veterinary Services take Climate Crisis Action to run a more sustainable business.  

Changes at VetStaff

Tune in to hear about the last development and changes taking place at VetStaff.   And just in case you didn’t know:  

There are two basic beliefs everyone at VetStaff has and which underpin everything we do – and that is 

  1. we believe that all veterinary professionals deserve to work in a job of their dreams where they’re valued and respected and
  2. we also believe that all veterinary employers of choice deserve to have the best staff – ones who’re engaged, committed and are excited about going to work each day.


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