If you’re a recent or new vet science graduate of Massey University then regardless of where you’re working in New Zealand, you’ve probably heard of, or met, Krispin Kannan as he’s been quite involved with Massey’s MMI for vet students over the years.

Multi Mini Interviews – Massey University

MMI is part of the Massey BVSc pre-selection programme – they’re the 8 Multi Mini Interviews potential vet science students go through.   

Krispin Kannan has been on the panel where students get to go a round of 8 short, structured interviews lasting 8 minutes each.

Krispin Kannan – Large Animal Veterinarian at VetEnt

Krispin started working for the Veterinary Enterprises Group Limited – VetEnt – straight out of Massey in December 2010 in Te Awamutu as a Large Animal Veterinarian.  

Krispin Kannan (BVSc, MBA) - Large Animal Veterinarian
Krispin Kannan (BVSc, MBA) – Large Animal Veterinarian

Production Animal Business Manager

In February 2019 he was appointed the Production Animal Business Manager – a position he held until mid-2021.

Krispin took some time out by doing a bit of locum work until March 2022 before returning to VetEnt to be part of its Integrated Solutions Business Development team.   

Integrated Solutions Business Development Team

Krispin says Integrated Business Solutions is a fancy name for a focussed role dedicated to understand and utilise technology solutions within veterinary practice that enhance the performance & wellbeing of their client businesses and animals. 

He’s excited to begin this journey with a focus on cow wearables – which are collars and tags, the data they produce and how VetEnt’s veterinary teams can integrate and deliver value to their customers using this information.

Today, Krispin and I talk about his MBA – which he studied for at The University of Waikato between 2017 and 2019, locuming on his OE, how he ended up as a large animal vet when he was also considering small animal surgery and life in general.

vet.krispy on Instagram

Krispin Kannan’s one of New Zealand’s Instagram influencers with around 4,500 followers (as at this episode).   

vet.krispy – is his Instagram handle so go check him out and follow him there.

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