Last week’s episode of Paws Claws & Wet Noses got some pretty passionate responses – thank you for going out of your way to comment online and by email or messaging me.  I’d especially like to thank you for not shooting down the messenger and for your respect and politeness.

If you’re interested have a look episode 18 and have a read of the comments.

One comment that came through loud and clear via social media was that many professionals don’t believe there’s a shortage of veterinarians, only a way they’re managed and that the buying up of independent clinics by overseas corporates was resulting in lower wages and other not-so-good working conditions for staff.

In today’s episode:

My thoughts on whether I think we have a veterinary shortage (or not).

The shift I’ve noticed in the last nine months or so – since we’ve come out of AL4 Lockdown in 2021.

Examples of a few job offers I’ve been involved in this year where each job-seeker has been over-the-moon with the offer of employment.

One of the benefits of using a recruitment agency if you’re a job seeker

What needs to happen when you want to work only three or four days/week.

Employee engagement (or disengagement) – what happens – the good and the bad.

What to do if you get bad reviews from Indeed and/or Glassdoor job board websites.

Glassdoor’s policy of not removing negative reviews – even if they’re untrue.

The Deloitte Global Millennial Survey 2019 – some findings and how they might impact your recruitment results.

  • Millennials – 13,416 participated in the survey across 42 countries (including NZ) – 49% said they’d quit their job within 2 years if they had a choice.
  • Generation Z – 3,009 participants across 10 countries (including NZ)

Why websites are essential today (why not to rely solely on Facebook or Insta).

Pages your veterinary clinic website must have and how these make a difference to getting better responses to your job advertisements:

  • Meet the team – why and who
  • Current vacancies – what to do if you don’t have any
  • Social Responsibility – what to do when you do and are
  • Staff testimonials – the three different types and how to get them
  • Your gear, kit & tech – why it’s important to showcase and the best way to do that

Plan of Action – easy implementation one bite at a time for all of the above.

New programme launch from VetStaff – HEART – Healthy Employee Attraction & Retention Training – special launch offer for 10 clinics to receive super special launch price on having their clinic’s Employee Engagement Temperature Checked – email | 0800 483 869 (NZ)


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