Today’s show is especially helpful for existing veterinary sector locums of any kind:  veterinarians, nurses and vet techs as well as the clinics that hire them.  

If you’re a veterinary locum, you’ll seriously want to listen to today’s show because it could save you a whole bunch of financial grief and headaches.

If you’re listening from Australia – or when the borders open up you’ll be heading off and working in Australia – then this is for you as well.

the Hnry App for Self Employed Veterinary Contractors & Locums

This app takes away all the financial compliance headaches you tend to get when you’re self-employed.  

You know the sort I’m talking about – making sure you’ve put enough money aside to cover your tax, ACC, expenses, invoicing, getting paid, raising invoices, paying yourself, etc.

James Fuller – founder of Hnry App


In this episode Julie South and James Fuller chat about: 

  • do you need to have a limited liability company?
  • are you paying (or setting aside) too much money for your tax?
  • how do you know how much tax to pay?
  • what if you’re “known” to the IRD or ATO?
  • do you need to protect yourself with a trust?


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