How to increase staff retention by 82% and employee engagement by 70%

Update on #LoveYourVetNurse Vet Nurse Awareness Week competition

6 Cs of onboarding by Dr Tayla Bauer

how to increase veterinary clinic staff retention by 82%
how to increase veterinary clinic staff retention by 82%

Back in 2010 Dr Tayla Bauer wrote a professional practices academic research paper for the Society of Human Resource Management.    Back then, she designed the 4 Cs of Onboarding.

Her research has grown from her original 4-Cs to where it is today with the 6 Cs of Onboarding.

Onboarding New Employees: Maximising Success – Dr Bauer’s research paper (this will open in a new window)

Read: Onboarding New Employees:  Maximising Success.


COMPLIANCE 6 Cs - onboarding - how to increase veterinary clinic staff retention by 82%

This relates to the necessary paperwork required to keep the various departments happy in your vet clinic:


CLARIFICATION - 6 Cs - onboarding - how to increase veterinary clinic staff retention by 82%

This ensures your new hire knows what’s expected of them and how they fit into the big scheme of things.

This also applies to existing team members.

If you want to increase your employee engagement ensure that everyone knows why they’re doing what they’re meant to be doing.


CONFIDENCE - 6 Cs - onboarding - how to increase veterinary clinic staff retention by 82%

This relates to your clinic’s vets’ and nurses’ feelings about having confidence in doing their job well and the competence to take on new responsibilities, procedures, after hours, etc. 

Professor Dan Cable – London Business School address – helping new employees integrate into a workplace:


CONNECTION - 6 Cs - onboarding - how to increase veterinary clinic staff retention by 82%

When new employees feel connected to their colleagues and recognised at work, they feel safe.

When new hires feel connected and secure, they ask questions and try new things.

As well as feeling more secure at work, when employees feel connected, they’re more engaged – with their team members, the role they play in the clinic and have a greater sense of appreciation.


CULTURE - 6 Cs - onboarding - how to increase veterinary clinic staff retention by 82%

Culture refers to how well your new hires understand your clinic’s norms, values, stories, and symbols.

Check in and check back

CHECK IN - 6 Cs - onboarding - how to increase veterinary clinic staff retention by 82%

After someone has been with you for a month – and while their first couple of weeks are still fresh in their minds – ask them what it was like from their side… what would they change?   What did they like?   What was helpful?  Unhelpful?

Love Your Vet Nurse competition

This is the third year VetStaff is holding its annual #LoveYourVetNurse competition in honour of Vet Nurse Awareness Week.

This competition is open to all New Zealand Veterinary clinics and runs through to 30 September 2022.

Leader Board at the end of Week 3

Vet Nurse Awareness Week - Leader Board Week 3
Vet Nurse Awareness Week – Leader Board Week 3

Vet Clinic Employer of Choice Accreditation

A world first (as far as we can tell) initiative from VetStaff – we’re looking for pilot veterinary clinics to be part of our Beta Launch. 

You know how finding and keeping good veterinary professionals right now is hard… there’s always the fear another clinic is going to poach your star performers…?

Here at VetStaff we’ve designed a programme to help vet clinics – anywhere in the world – recruit and retain their star performers.

Not only does it help you retain the star performers already on your team, it also helps make recruiting easier because as a participating clinic, you’ll receive the VetStaff Seal of Accreditation

Having this Seal instantly identifies your clinic as a VetStaff Employer of Choice.   Because it’s VetStaff polishing your clinic’s halo from the outside and we can back up our claim – it’s not you on the inside beating your chest about how great you are – our third-party endorsement gives your clinic the VetStaff Employer of Choice Accredited tick.   

Right now, we’re launching our pilot programme and if you’d like to be considered as one of our beta clinics, please let me know by sending me an email to  

If you want to participate, the process is very simple and totally affordable – it’s less than the cost of an average small bitch spay.  

We’ll ask for some proof of verification – which is easy to get and that’s it!

Easy Peasy! 

Because very few clinics right now are fully staffed, it means most clinics are competing for the same high calibre staff.  Every little thing you can do to identify your clinic as being more attractive to work out, will make a difference. 

If your clinic’s not recognised as a VetStaff Employer of Choice, you’ll miss out to the clinic down the road that is.   

Today, it’s the clinics that are retaining and rewarding their staff in meaningful ways that get to recruit the best staff.   

If you’re not doing this in a way that’s easily recognised and verified, you’ll miss out to those clinics that are.

Being recognised as a VetStaff Employer of Choice Vet Clinic is something to be proud of.   

Imagine having the edge when it comes to recruiting high performers.

Imagine having a waiting list of high performers who want to work at your clinic.   

Because this is what can happen once the word starts to get out that your clinic is an Employer of Choice! Imagine how many headaches you’ll save when it comes to hiring new staff!

VetStaff’s Seals of Participation are a completely independent and recognised way for your clinic to stand out as a Vet Clinic Employer of Choice.

If this sounds like something you’d like for your clinic then email Julie South today to start the ball rolling at your clinic.  And just to clarify – this is designed to help clinics who’re already clients of ours – ones where we’re doing the recruiting AND for those that want to DIY their own recruitment. 

You don’t have to be an existing VetStaff client to participate.   If you want to DIY your own recruitment then this new initiative is perfect for you.   To find out more email

VetStaff’s two core beliefs

Everyone and everything we do at VetStaff is underpinned by two core beliefs.  

The first is that we believe all veterinary professionals deserve to work at a vet clinic job of their dreams where they’re respected and valued.  

The second is that all vet clinics deserve to have engaged and motivated employees working for them who love Monday mornings.  

If that sounds like the type of recruitment agency you’d like to work with, then please check us out at 


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