Dr Megan Alderson of The Strand Veterinarian in Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand, talks about implementing various wellness progs into her veterinary clinic – her trials and tribulations

Dr Megan is very open and forthcoming with the information she shares about the journey towards ensuring she has a mentally-well team of veterinary professionals in her Auckland clinic:

  • what worked and didn’t work
  • her clinic’s budgets and 
  • her dreams for the future

She also shares how her personality style worked against her, until she realised she needed to change her approach (which she did).

If you’ve been listened to the last two episodes you’ll have heard Veterinarian Dr Francesca Brown of Otago Polytech, share her research and recommendations about how to have healthy staff AND a healthy bottom line at your vet clinic. 

If you haven’t listened to those episodes then my suggestion is that you go back and listen to those because it’ll give you context for this week’s show.  

Listen to episodes 28 and 29

This week Dr Megan Alderson of The Strand Veterinarian in Parnell, Auckland generously shares what she’s done – including her budgets, dreams, her strengths and her weaknesses – so that you too, can have a healthy and flourishing team as well as a healthy and strong bottom line.  

Dr Megan Alderson of The Strand Veterinarian – photo: The Strand Veterinarian

The Strand Veterinarian a fully locally-owned and operated independent companion animal clinic.

As with any profession, there’s a lot of talk about “being collegial”, about giving your peers a helping hand up … about doing what’s right and best for your industry, your profession because it helps everyone be their best selves … yet sometimes – especially for people who have closed mindsets and/or believe there’s only so much to go around … the size of the pie is only so big and in order for someone to win, someone else has to lose … when you live in a world like that, it’s easy to focus on the competitive, divide and conquer aspect of being a business owner.  

We talked about her clinic’s journey over the last few years – the trials and tribulations she went through to get to where The Strand Veterinarian is today. 

She held nothing back!   And I mean that – she shared different parts of her business’s budget.   She talked about what worked and didn’t work… about what to do and what not to do… about her personality type and how that got in the way – in the beginning – and how she manages that really important and valuable strength of hers today.

I feel humbled by Megan’s generosity.   I think this is one of those episodes that is so jam-packed full of valuable information that a couple of listens will be required.  Make sure you’ve got some way of taking notes – because I think you’ll want to.

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