This is the second of three chats VetStaff’s Julie South has with Companion Animal Veterinarian of South Wairarapa Veterinary Services – Dr Jane Ough, BVSc.

NZ Veterinary Clinic Salary Data

Dr Mark Hosking, CEO of Franklin Vets, is a member of the NZVAs Veterinary Business Branch – the VBB.   

At the recent NZVA Conference he introduced BBVet, an Australian company which runs a series of surveys tailored to the New Zealand veterinary profession. 

Clinics that contribute to the data, will have access to high quality benchmarking information to be able to make meaningful decisions in their businesses.     

Reliable and meaningful veterinary salary data

Having quality, reliable data enables business owners to drive better business decisions.    For example, 

  • When it comes to wages and salaries – are you in the race or totally off the pace?
  • Fees survey – make sure you don’t get left behind! And 
  • Profit and expenses survey – can you do better?

If your clinic contributes to this data, you’ll be able to participate in, and receive benchmarking information from, a series of professional and independently run surveys tailored to the New Zealand veterinary profession and you can have all of this info for the very reasonable monthly subscription of just $69pm.   

The only way you can access the info is by contributing to the surveys and you’ll be able to:

  • Have the option to participate in any survey that the NZVA and BBVet offers
  • Get access to interactive graphics and scenario planning, and if you want it,
  • Get access to a hard copy PDF report

The Veterinary Business Branch of the NZVA has worked with BBVet to ensure the survey structure and questions are suitable for the New Zealand veterinary market.   

You can “cut and dice” the data – for example by species or region.   Obviously, the more participants there are, the more valid and useful the information will be.

Commerce Commission

And just in case you’re wondering, the NZVA has been in touch with the Commerce Commission.   The Association has received general advice that it’s acceptable to run this survey, providing the information is not promoted or used as a way to organise price fixing or collusion.   

The NZVA may use the information gathered to foster conversations in the advocacy space.
The only people who will be able to see your individual data will be BBVet, who need to do so for administration purposes. 

The NZVA will be able to access macro information only (no site-specific information) which will be important for its advocacy work.   

Confidential salary survey information

No-one will be able to view any scenario planning you do at a site level.

To find out more about BBVet and the man behind everything, you can visit the main website at

To register your clinic’s contribution to the salary data, visit

Conservationist & Companion Animal Veterinarian Dr Jane Ough, BVSc

Dr Jane and I recorded this before the NZVA conference in Hamilton. 

If you went to conference and you visited the Sustaina Vet stand, you may have met Dr Dr Jane. 

Unfortunately, every time I visited the Sustaina Vet stand Dr Ough wasn’t there, so I wasn’t able to meet her in person.

Dr Jane Ough, BVSc


As you’ll hear, Dr Jane’s time and pathway as the veterinarian she is today is quite different from the usual career path of veterinarians. 

She’s from the BVSc Massey class of 1982.   Today, Dr Jane enjoys orthopaedic surgery especially mending broken farm dogs.

Dr Ough became concerned about climate change when her two daughters were children.   She gained a diploma in Environment and Sustainability when her children were little, through the Open Polytech in 2010.

Dr Jane is a passionate conservationist.   And I mean passionate!  She and her partner Jeremy have retired two thirds of their small farm in the Wairarapa and covenanted it with the Queen Elizabeth II Trust.

Working one day a week for QE2 for 2 years Dr Jane said improved her understanding of native forest regeneration.   She now spends this day a week on her own covenant, and, working with the local catchment group, helped set up and is helping South Wairarapa Veterinary Services take Climate Crisis Action to run a more sustainable business.  

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