Veterinarians discuss veterinary clinic sustainability – Dr Francesca Brown + Dr Rose Unsworth + Dr Liza Schneider

This is the first episode in the series about Vet Clinic Sustainability

Dr Rose Unsworth – Companion Animal Veterinarian

Complementary Veterinary Medicine Branch of the NZVA. 

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Vet Clinic Sustainability - Dr Rose Unsworth
Dr Rose Unsworth
Vet Clinic Sustainability - Dr Francesca Brown
Dr Francesca Brown

Dr Francesca Brown

Head of Programmes and Principal Lecturer, Vet, Nursing Education and Chair, Educational Standards committee at Otago Polytech.  

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Dr Liza Schneider – Companion Animal Veterinarian

Principal and owner of award winning Holistic Vets in Tauranga.   

Liza established Holistic Vets in 2003. 

You’ll hear more about Liza’s journey next week.

Vet Clinic Sustainability - Dr Liza Schneider
Dr Liza Schneider

Links mentioned in this podcast

Sustainable Vet Practice – NZ – Facebook

Sustainable Vet Practice – NZ – Instagram

Dr Francesca Brown – email

Petition to Get2Vets into NZ

Get2VetsNZ Petition:

Allocate two MIQ spaces per week to visa-approved veterinarians

Petition request

That the House of Representatives require the allocation of two Managed Isolation & Quarantine (MIQ) spaces per week to allow veterinarians who have been approved by Immigration New Zealand to enter New Zealand.

Petition reason

I – Julie South – believe New Zealand has a dire veterinarian shortage and urgently needs vets from overseas.

Even though Immigration NZ has approved special exceptions for veterinarians to work in New Zealand, they are waiting what I believe are extreme lengths of time for MIQ spaces. In my view, human and animal welfare are at crisis levels because clinics are closing and withdrawing after-hours emergency services, and veterinary professionals’ mental health is at crisis levels.


Love Your Vet Nurse Lunch Time Shout Winners

We’re super-excited to announce the following clinics each won a lunchtime shout from VetStaff. Once everyone’s back in-clinic and can enjoy a lunch together (as opposed to split teams because of different lockdown levels in New Zealand) we’ll deliver to you:

Pet Doctors – Tristram Street Clinic

Hamilton Small Animal Veterinary Clinic

Pet Doctors St Lukes & Exotic Centre

CareVets Chartwell

Tauranga Vet Services


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