Sophie Kennedy is The Strand Veterinarian’s dedicated receptionist who’s recently been charged with the responsibility of project managing the clinic’s sustainability initiatives.

Sophie Kennedy – Vet Clinic Receptionist and Sustainability Project Manager – The Strand Veterinarian


As you’ll hear – unlike many clinics where reception duties form part of a vet nurse’s responsibilities, at The Strand Veterinarian, Sophie’s sole focus is customer and support staff care.   

If you haven’t listened to episode 30 yet I recommend you do – that’s where Dr Megan Alderson of The Strand Veterinarian shares some of her goals, as well as trials and tribulations towards having a healthy and sustainable workforce.   

Sophie’s 8 Vet Clinic Sustainability baby steps anyone can take

  1. Turn off the lights when you don’t need them on.   
  2. Bring your lunch in a recyclable container.  
  3. Use a recyclable coffee cup or stainless steel water bottle rather than keep buying 750ml bottles of water.   
  4. Switch to compostable dog pooh bags and courier bags.   
  5. Where possible go paperless – email information to clients.   If you must print, then use sustainable paper.
  6. Apply pressure to your suppliers to improve their packaging.
  7. Ask who else at your clinic is interested in being more sustainable – see what pickup you get.
  8. If you’re in a retail complex see whether you can join forces with other businesses – maybe share collection bins and/or encourage them to join your efforts.


How to recycle your PPE

The Strand Veterinarian’s PPE recycling is through TerraCycle .  You can get zero-waste boxes.

Soft Plastic Recycling

The Strand Veterinarian takes their own bags weekly to the local places that do it like Countdown and Pack’N’Save and its through

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