Veterinarian Dr Paolo Lencioni shares what very profitable vet clinics do different to not-so-profitable clinics.

He’s the co-author of September 2021 Vet Clinic Practice White Paper “The impact of the pandemic – vet clinics are busier – but are we treating our patients better or worse?”

Dr Paolo Lencioni – Companion Animal Veterinarian & Accountant


Today is part two of two episodes where I catch up with Dr Paulo Lencioni – a Companion Animal Veterinarian turned computer coder turned practising accountant specialising in vet clinic practices – mostly in Australasia but spanning a few global continents.

Did you know Dog Dancing was a thing? I didn’t! Paolo talks about how he and his wife help rehabilitate dangerous / distressed dogs and what’s involved [hint: we’re definitely talking labours of love]

If you’ve been listening to Paws Claws & Wet Noses for a while, you may remember that back in April I had the pleasure of catching up with Dr Steve Merchant of IndieVets in episode 25.

IndieVets - Dr Steve Merchant - today's guest on Paws Claws & Wet Noses

Steve and I talked about IndieVets – where independently owned vet clinic can go, for, among other things, collaboration.

In September Steve sent me a white paper report that was commissioned by Profit Diagnostics – one of Paulo’s businesses – together with Virtual Vet Nurse – another of Steve’s initiatives.  

“The impact of the pandemic – vet clinics are busier – but are we treating our patients better or worse?”

The report is entitled “The impact of the pandemic – vet clinics are busier – but are we treating our patients better or worse?”

If you haven’t read the report and you’d like to, then here’s where you can find your free copy.

The way the pandemic has played out in vet clinics – so far

In Q1 last year – 2020 – when COVID-19 first emerged, veterinary clinics throughout Australasia (and indeed, the world) were apprehensive.

As with all businesses, no-one knew how the pandemic would play out – or how it would affect our communities, our society, and our livelihoods.

Within the first 30 days, it became clear that veterinary businesses weren’t being negatively affected – at least, not financially.  Instead, they experienced a noticeable spike in demand for services.

This trend has continued, to varying degrees, during the ensuing 2020/2021 lockdown periods in Australia and New Zealand.

Today we talk about:

  • what Paolo’s most profitable client clinic is doing that others aren’t which includes removing psychological ceilings and judgements on what clients will spend;
  • some easy to deal to in-clinic inefficiencies that will help improve both profitability and reduce stress for nurses and vets
  • and something totally left field – how doggie dancing helps calm reactive and angry dogs – I never knew dog dancing was such a thing but Paolo and his wife take on problem dogs and turn them around – he shares what that looks like for the dog and them.

IndieVets webinar

You’ll hear Paolo mention a webinar that he and Steve did together.   If you’d like to watch that webinar please get in touch with Steve as that was an IndieVets webinar.  

Profit Diagnostix webinars

Paulo also mentions other webinars his consultancy firm does – the last one he held was with approximately 50 vets across Australasia discussing environmental and pandemic issues and strategies.    It’s well worth listening to.   You can attend by donating a few dollars for Paolo to plant a tree.

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