Vet Nurse of the Year Margie Rutherford, BSc, BVT, shares her visions for Veterinary Nursing in New Zealand

This is the first of two episodes where Vet Nurse of the Year 2021 Margie Rutherford and I (Julie South) chat about her visions for veterinary nursing in New Zealand.

Margie was awarded the NZ Vet Nurse of the Year 2021 .   

Margie Rutherford BSc BVT

Vet Nurse of the Year 2021

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Margie Rutherford was one of 16 nominations for New Zealand Vet Nurse of the Year 2021.   

According to NZ Veterinary Nursing Association (NZVNA) President, Amy Ross, one of the things that really stood out to her in the nominations was the time and care that all of the nominees spent, not just looking after the wellbeing of their patients, but also the wellbeing of their team.

In this episode Margie shares some of her ideas on how to have a sustainable veterinary profession in NZ from a people perspective … how it’s essential to have a distinction between having a professional life and a personal life …

Vet Nurse Awareness Week – first week of October

Every year, during the first week of October, the NZVNA celebrates Veterinary Nurse Awareness Week (VNAW), culminating on the awarding of Vet Nurse of the Year, on the Friday of VNAW.  As you’ll hear Margie mention, it’s usually a big celebratory gala evening but the pandemic …. Well, the awards for 2021 were announced via a webinar event.

NZVNA and Hill’s Veterinary Nurse of the Year Award

The NZVNA and Hill’s Veterinary Nurse of the Year Award was launched in 2013 to recognise New Zealand veterinary nurses who advocate and significantly contribute to the care of their patients, and who are an integral part of the veterinary health care team.

As you’ll hear, Margie took a somewhat circuitous route to reach her vocation as a veterinary nurse. Margie holds two Bachelor degrees:  a Bachelor of Science plus a Bachelor of Veterinary Technology.  

Today she works as a companion animal vet nurse at The Strand Veterinarian in Auckland’s Parnell.  We jump into the conversation here where I ask Margie when she knew she wanted to be a vet nurse.


Dr Megan Alderson – morning ritual of turning the clinic phone off for 10-15 mins/day

Sophie Kennedy – Vet Clinic sustainability 

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