Massey Vet Science Students – how to pay off your student loan faster (and whether you should) + other smart money advice for helping you grow your wealth and assets

Vet Science Students – Massey University Q&A

This is the second of a two-part series where Massey vet science sent in their questions for answering – today we’re talking budgeting, student loans, some what to do and not-to-do when it comes to investing and where to start.

As I mentioned back in the first episode in this two-part series – episode 41 – this series has been in the making since May so it’s a great feeling to actually get it to air.

Back in May, Cheska Dowrick – who’s the 2021 President of the Student Veterinary Business Society (SVBS) at Massey University – and a Massey vet science student herself – asked on FB whether there was anyone able to help her fellow students answer their financial questions… one conversation led to another and here we are.

Janet Natta – Investment Adviser

Janet Natta – Smart Money Advice

I’ve known Janet Natta of Smart Money Advice for coming up 10 years. 

She lives not far from me on a lifestyle block in Tamahere. 

Janet’s the mother of a brand new graduate – so understands university life – and a high-schooler. 

Janet’s family is ‘known’ to her local mixed animal vet as they have a few stock, as well as a cat and a dog.

Registered Investment Adviser

Like veterinarians who need to be registered, so too do people who provide financial advice. 

Her company – Tactical Financial Advice Limited FSP number 691671 – trades under the name of Smart Money Advice – holds a license issued by the Financial Markets Authority to provide financial advice.  

Janet’s license number is FSP 67543. 

Janet’s expertise is comprehensive financial planning, retirement planning and investment portfolio construction and management for clients with more than $250K to invest.  If you want more information about her, or her company please visit  

If you’d like to receive copies of Janet’s easy-to-understand newsletter, you can sign up at her website – scroll right to the bottom of her website to subscribe.

Questions Janet answered from Vet Science Students


What strategy would you recommend for repaying our student loans?

Should we be worried about how big our loan is?

Do you have any tips for minimising our loans or being smart about how we get our loan (as in if I don’t need to be getting “living costs” should I be getting it anyway and investing this as a way to make money?)

What advice do you have for starting an investment portfolio? I really want to get into the share market but don’t know where to start! 


As a new head vet how would I get into investing and managing personal finance?


Is contributing a higher amount to KiwiSaver enough for an investment or would you suggest having a separate investment?


Is it a good idea to pay off your student loan fast if it is interest free, or pay the minimum requirements only?”


What are some of the available share investment platforms available to beginners (Apps/brokerage firms that are user-friendly or do not have complicated user interfaces or complex fee structures)? I have always wanted to dip my hands into the investing world to turbocharge my savings in the future!

Also, would those platforms allow one to invest in overseas markets (e.g. US markets) ?Is it a good idea to pay off your student loan fast if it is interest free, or pay the minimum requirements only?”


When I start my first job, I wouldn’t have money at all to invest but what would be the safe things to invest in as I accumulate some savings?

What percentage of my earnings (as a new grad general practitioner) should I spend on living, housing, saving, recreation etc.?

(I am an immigrant here so some saving plans are not accessible to me, but I do plan to work here after graduation.)


What options do I have with paying off my student loan?

Are there some ways which could be more beneficial than others?

Books Janet recommends

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