Licenced Immigration Consultant Katy Armstrong of IntoNZ Q&A with Julie South of VetStaff

Katy Armstrong – Licensed Immigration Consultant of IntoNZ


When it comes to matters “immigration” in New Zealand there are all sorts of changing scenarios – almost weekly.

Licensed Immigration consultant Katy Armstrong of IntoNZ chats with Julie South about what’s news. 

Here’s what Katy and Julie talked about:

Julie’s petition to have two MIQ spaces allocated each week to vets issued visas by Immigration NZ

  • Is the median wage expected to change?    If so: 
    • What difference is that going to make and when does it kick in?
  •  For vets wanting their Permanent Residency what:
    • Visa do they need to be on to get that?
    • When can they start applying? 
    • Who’s eligible?   
    • Is it just a visa or is there an entry date / arrival date criteria too?
  • Long Term Skills Visa – is that still a thing?
  • Skilled Migrant Visa – what is that?   Does this apply to vets?
  • What are processing times, do you know?
  • How many vets have so far been approved under the “June 50”?
  • How many vets have been approved this year?
  • Do you know how many vets per annum are usually approved in normal times (ie, pre-pandemic)?  
    • Do you know what we’re averaging 2020 and 2021?
  • What else do vets and/or vet clinics need to know as at today?

Katy’s website – IntoNZ
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Petition to Get2Vets into NZ

Get2VetsNZ Petition:

Allocate two MIQ spaces per week to visa-approved veterinarians

Petition request

That the House of Representatives require the allocation of two Managed Isolation & Quarantine (MIQ) spaces per week to allow veterinarians who have been approved by Immigration New Zealand to enter New Zealand.

Petition reason

I – Julie South – believe New Zealand has a dire veterinarian shortage and urgently needs vets from overseas.

Even though Immigration NZ has approved special exceptions for veterinarians to work in New Zealand, they are waiting what I believe are extreme lengths of time for MIQ spaces. In my view, human and animal welfare are at crisis levels because clinics are closing and withdrawing after-hours emergency services, and veterinary professionals’ mental health is at crisis levels.



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