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ep-006 – Veterinarian shortage in NZ – some causes and some effects – part 1

The veterinarian shortage impacts the humans doing the caregiving – the veterinarians, their colleagues and families, the animals and the animals’ owners. The first in a multi part series looking at the veterinarian shortages and what life is like at the coal face.

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Paws Claws & Wet Noses podcast for kiwi veterinarians

ep-005 – how to calculate Christmas & New Year Statutory Holidays 2021 – watch out for the fish hooks this year

We’ve got four days of statutory holidays coming up: Christmas Day + Boxing Day and then one week later, New Year’s Day + the Day After New Year’s Day.

In this episode I’ll tell you how to calculate the upcoming statutory holidays and which days are classified as “holiday”.

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Paws Claws & Wet Noses

ep-004 9 ways to get “Hire Ready” in 2021 – tweaks & changes to make / include on your CV & LinkedIn profile

This episode is for you if: you think it’s about time you had a pay rise and you’re planning on asking for one; or you think it’s about time you changed employers – it doesn’t matter why – what’s important is the thought is going through your mind; or you think it’s about time you had some more work life balance, so you’re going to become a locum veterinarian; or you’re after work-life balance and are going to start looking for part time jobs.

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