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013 – Reference and background checking – 9 questions to ask – what you can and cannot do – applicable New Zealand Laws

REFERENCE CHECKING:  9 QUESTIONS TO ASK + WHAT YOU CAN AND CANNOT DO – OR ASK – UNDER NZ LAW Paws Claws & Wet Noses is officially a teenager! Welcome to episode […]

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Dr Vanessa Johnson
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012 – Dr Vanessa Johnson | imposter syndrome | handling stress | attitude journal | mental health

Vanessa believes having a great support network and forming good mental health habits is instrumental to success.

Today we’re going to learn of some of the good mental habits Vanessa has formed and the benefits she’s noticed from having them as part of her life. 

She shares what she does when she notices thoughts of Imposter Syndrome, negativity and the importance of keeping a Gratitude Journal as a part of her every day life.

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tips and strategies to cope with compassion fatigue for veterinary professionals – ep-010

Welcome to episode 10 of Paws Claws and Wet Noses – the kiwi veterinary podcast celebrating all creatures great and small and the fantabulous professionals who look after them all.  As well […]

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010 – tips and strategies to cope with compassion fatigue for veterinary professionals

Today we look at some strategies to help you counter compassion fatigue – both as an individual veterinary professional and, if you’re a clinic owner or practice manager, a few different things you can implement in your clinic.

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009 – Dr Rose Unsworth – locum stresses in clinic and in life pre- and during border closures

Forty years on we still have a crisis on our hands. No individual should have a personal connection to five colleagues who have committed suicide (those are the ones I can name personally, I know of many more).

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Veterinary “super powers” & the critical role veterinarians play in everyone’s every day life – ep-008

This is the third podcast in the series giving the background info as to why I’m supporting NZs veterinary sector by petitioning NZs parliament to change the classification of veterinarians to that of critical workers because the way it is now isn’t working

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