Paolo Lencioni - vet clinics and the pandemic + doggie dancing

Vet Clinics – what very profitable vet clinics do different + dog dancing – Dr Paolo Lencioni – ep 054

Veterinarian Dr Paolo Lencioni – co-author of September 2021 Vet Clinic Practice White Paper “The impact of the pandemic – vet clinics are busier – but are we treating our patients better or worse?” Doggie Dancing – it’s a thing and it helps rehabilitate distressed dogs.

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vet clinic profitability post pandemic with Dr Paulo Lencioni

Vet Clinics and the pandemic – are patients being treated better or worse…? – ep 053

Vet Clinic Sustainability – Sustainable Vet Clinic Practice: CeeJay Donovan of Massey Vets in Palmerston North – chats with Julie South about her 6 in 6  – six easy to implement sustainable practices in six months – she implemented at Massey Vets and the differences she noticed.

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