Dr Jane Ough - guest at Paws Claws Wet Noses

Conference Competitions and Conservation + Dr Jane Ough – pt 1 of 3 – ep 087

Iain McLachlan and Julie South talk about the veterinarian shortage,
the nursing shortage, why the NZ VC doesn’t include two of the world’s top 10 veterinary science universities in its List of Recognised Institutions, when is it (NZVC) going to update that list of Recognised Institutions, what clinics can do if they absolutely cannot manage their after-hours obligations, and what “Limited Registration” means.

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Dr Megan Alderson - Veterinarian - Veterinary Podcast
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Transcript – ep 030 – Dr Megan Alderson – working towards a mentally-well professional veterinary team

I struggled with, um, I’ve dealt with anxiety, depression. Suicidal thoughts that, you know, like I’ve, I think I checked all the boxes throughout my career. That’s a 30 year career.

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Dr Francesca Brown - veterinary wellness mental health clinic profitability
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Transcript – ep 029 – Dr Francesca Brown – healthy staff equals healthy bottom lines – veterinary clinic research

Transcript for episode 029 with Dr Francesca Brown talking about healthy veterinary professionals and staff, healthy clinics and healthy bottom lines.

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