ep-008 – veterinary superpowers – veterinary shortages – part 3

This is the third in the series supporting the parliamentary petition I’m currently running to request the NZ government to change the classification of veterinarians to critical workers to allow more into […]

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ep-007 – Veterinary Compassion Fatigue – what it is and what pet owners can do to mitigate its effects – veterinary staff shortages part 2

his episode touches on some painful issues. You don’t have to listen to those if you don’t want to. I’ll let you know before we get to those so you can stop listening at that point (at 17 min 22 sec).

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ep-006 – Veterinarian shortage in NZ – some causes and some effects – part 1

The veterinarian shortage impacts the humans doing the caregiving – the veterinarians, their colleagues and families, the animals and the animals’ owners. The first in a multi part series looking at the veterinarian shortages and what life is like at the coal face.

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