WORD POWER – how one small word can undermine your authority & leadership – ep 090

Iain McLachlan and Julie South talk about the veterinarian shortage,
the nursing shortage, why the NZ VC doesn’t include two of the world’s top 10 veterinary science universities in its List of Recognised Institutions, when is it (NZVC) going to update that list of Recognised Institutions, what clinics can do if they absolutely cannot manage their after-hours obligations, and what “Limited Registration” means.

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vet clinic toxicity - how to recognise vet clinic toxicity at the job interview

Vet clinic toxicity – 10 warning signs and how to recognise vet clinic toxicity at the job interview

10 signs at vet clinic job interviews that the clinic is toxic.
Workplace Toxicity- how it negatively impacts on a clinic’s ability to ever become an Employer of Choice.
We’re unpacking some questions you can ask yourself if you’re getting ready for your next move and some of the things employers can do to start improving the morale – and in turn, profitability, at your clinic. To become an employer of choice, you need to deal with what’s not working at your clinic first.

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Vet Clinic Employer of Choice + Vet Clinic Employer Branding + Vet Clinic Employer Value Propositions – ep 059

Vet Clinic Employment Law 101 – Constructive Dismissals, Workplace Bullying, Personal Grievances – examples of what each of these is and is not, what to do and where to go for help.

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